Cyclopea: the watcher who never sleeps

The Year of Obedience

or The Shelter Cycle of Church Universal and Triumphant and The Last Days of Montessori International

Newspaper Articles, Editorials & Letters to the Editor related to the CUT

The following set of images are scans of newspaper articles related to the Church Universal and Triumphant. These articles were collected and assembled by Peter Arnone between 1992 and 1998. The primary sources are the Livingston Enterprise and the Bozeman Chronicle. There are also occasional articles from other papers, usually after the Church was involved in something that made the news on a national level.

The subjects include the Environmental Impact Statement, the Paolini deprogramming trial, the lawsuit with the IRS, The death of Mitch Mandell and sales of land by the Church.

Special thanks to Peter Arnone for making this collection available.

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