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The Year of Obedience

or The Shelter Cycle of Church Universal and Triumphant and The Last Days of Montessori International

Blue Horizons entrance hatch

Current Status

Recent Progress

October 16, 2019. I found some photos that I had lost for a couple of years. The photos are of Ranch Headquarters and East gate, dating from 2016. I added the photos to the gallery pages for those locations. Here are a couple of quick links to the galleries: Ranch Headquarters & East Gate.

May 8, 2017. I have restored the Life In CUT website from a backup archive. The original website appears to have gone offline in 2014. Life In CUT is now hosted in the public area of this site, in the archives section. Here's a quick link to the restored website

June 13, 2014. I have scanned a collection of newspaper articles and created a new webpage to display the scans. These artciles were published between 1992 and 1998; all are about the CUT. There are 196 scans where each scan is for a binder page and each page of the binder. Most of these pages have just one article, but some have two or three. The subjects include the Environmental Impact Statement, the Paolini deprogramming trial, the lawsuit with the IRS, The death of Mitch Mandell and sales of land by the Church. Here is a quick link to the new webpage. A special thanks to Peter Arnone for providing access to this collection.

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