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This information was posted to offer the public a resource concerning controversial and/or potentially unsafe groups and related subjects. The Rick A. Ross Institute (RI) does not necessarily endorse or support the views expressed. Some may find this material controversial. RI posts this information for the convenience of researchers.

This page contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has gathered
aboutChurch Universal and Triumphant.

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The legacy of Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Its 'Mother' dead, doomsday sect's future in doubt
Keeper of Lighthouse cult cried wolf too often
Leader of controversial church group dies
Religious sect leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet dies, leaves legacy of Armageddon church behind
Ready for Armageddon, church retails to the masses
In memoir, daughter of CUT leader comes to grips with where church went wrong
CUT undergoes change of perception
CUT copes with illness of leader, sect changes
CUT faces harsh criticism after member's suicide
Underground Shelters Abound in Paradise Valley
Teenage master of monsters
Montana teen's fantasy novel becomes a bestseller
Bison didn't gain much from CUT land deal
CUT buys church building in Livingston
CUT's logging plan irks members
Prophet's Church Universal and Triumphant selling off Montana properties
Church Universal and Triumphant to sell ranch
Federal Land Deal Protects Yellowstone Herd and Geysers
Leader of New Age sect steps down
Former CUT members say they are the "messengers"
Selling off the Promised Land
A biography of Prophet's most recent life
Former official Francis severs ties with CUT
Prophet Wants Veep To Handle Her Affairs
Church Leader Wants to Name Guardian
In 1997 Church Universal Triumphant begins "restructuring" plan
Prophet's progeny on other paths
Disputes, legal woes dog church
E. C. Prophet diagnosed with epilepsy
Montana Sect's Downfall Is a Boon for Conservationists
Church Universal and Triumphant Offers Land for Sale
Why We Love Gurus
CUT Official Steps Down
CUT Looks to the Future
CUT members having trouble getting out of Glastonbury
CUT leaders admit group living beyond its means
CUT's Theology Hasn't Changed
Prophet's daughter is writing a book about CUT
Prophet family struggles with problems right at home
CUT Members Struggle to Understand Changes
CUT Heads Into Second Life Cycle
New age church wants to go mainstream
Prophet Stepping Down as Spiritual Leader of CUT
Apocalypse Now. No, Really. Now!
Daughter quits suit seeking care of church leader
Church Universal shifting focus away from Prophet
CUT, children settle Prophet guardianship
A Bad Karma On Main Line
Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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