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The Year of Obedience

or The Shelter Cycle of Church Universal and Triumphant and The Last Days of Montessori International

A memo from Martin Lassiter to the CUT Cabinet regarding the covert purchase of a small arsenal of assalut rifles, shotguns, pistols and cross-bows in 1973


August 28, 1973

Dear Mother and fellow members of the Cabinet:

Because of the current financial situation an explanation of the purchase of guns, ammunition and related item has been requested. In this report I hope to show that our program has bee well thought through and that each item plays an essential role in our security.


1. I have sought to provide for the worst possible threat to our lives and our mission - i.e. roving bands of individuals driven by hunger and fear to take measures necessary to secure food and protection; - deliberate attack against our persons and supplies byyorganized guerrillas forces (whether from the "right" of "left") who are convinced that the end justifies the means: a systematic search and destroy mission lanuched against us by regular armies: routine protection against harmful individuals and animals.

2. My long and careful research into the activities of both "right" and "left" militants convinces me that these individuals are capable and willing to take measures necessary to secure their goals-witness the recent mail bombings of the IRA.

3. I am convinced that all we have witnessed abroad in the way of terror and warfare can and is intended to be duplicated in this country.

4. My study of history and the destruction of temples and the saints warns me that we, too, can be destroyed if we are not prepared spiritually and militaristically.

5. Our stockplies of food, equipment, and guns which I have every reason to believe are known by those who would try to take them, coupled with our seemingly lack of security knowhow, makes us a very tempting target.

6. I also feel that the Light which we carry and the mission which we are to accomplish makes it essential that we be destroyed in toto in the eyes of the dark ones, embodied and disembodied.

7. In view of the above, I think that it is essential to take every precaution to protect ourselves and those who elect to join us.


1. Acquire the essential guns, ammunition, anddefense supplies. In selecting the guns for our use, I chose the following:

- 2 -

a. 30.06 rifle. The 30.06 rifle is perhaps the most versatile gun available. It can be used against everything from the size of a dog to a grizzly bear. I decided to purchase two types, a semi-automatic carbine, light and easy to carry, for protection in theewoods and in brueh, and also against a possible enemy when hard-hitter, rapid fire was required; and a longer colt-action type excellent for extended ranges. To facilitate this use, we purchased 12 beaverhunatng scopes which gives us accuracy up to and beyond 300 yards. We have purchased 15 semi-automatics at $2,081.25 and 25 bolt-actions at $3,030.20. The hoopae (sic) cost $519.72 complete with all attachments, $571.63 with the 10% charge which Dick adds to wholesale price in his deals with us in this area. I envision the 30.06's to be the arm mnet men onntheestaff will carry. It was the standard WW-II fighting weapon.

b. 12 - gauge shotgun. The shotgun is extremelyyvallable for game gathering and close range protection. 13 of theseewerepurchased - $1,005.29. these are pump-action and capable of doing an incredible amount of damage. Me are typically more afraid of shotguns more (crossed out) than any other type of weapon.

c. 357 magnum pistol. This is the pistol designed to shoot through car engine blocks. It is a favorite of highwaypartolmen and law enforcement officials everywhere. I chose it for the men's standard holster weapon because it can be used in a pinch even to kill an attacsing bear. Other pistols, with the exception of the 44 magnum (which are extremely difficult to obtain), simply do not have the stopping power we require in the woods. We have a total of 37 of these, costing $3,261.53.

d. 22 magnum pistol. These pistols, of which we have 6 costing $654, were purchased with two purposes in mind-to serve as the gun for the ladies guarding the children (it has little recoil yet is as powerful as a .38) and to be used for the practices in shooting handguns (the ammunition is about 6 times less expensive than that for the .357). They were not bought from Dick but were purchased retail because of their rarity. I include them in this report because of the quantity of ammunition purchased for them.

e. 22 automatic pistols. For the ladies, the 22 pistol is the best handgun, next to the 22 magnum which is almost impossible to find. The automatic, while;dangerous to the untrained, is terribly lethal in the hands of those knowledgeable in its use. I plan to make our ladies experts. We have 20oof them, costing $1,467712. (sic $1,467.12)

f. AR-7. The AR-7 and the next gun are the two most sought after guns on the US market today. The AR- 7 is the survival gun issued to pilots of the United States Air Force. It isas 22 caliber semi-automatic rifle, which breaks down and fits into its own stock and weighs so little that it actually floats on water. We have bought 22 of these; $1,088.03 is the cost. Note: the 22 long rifle holow point, which this rifle is capable of shooting, is the standard bullet used the radical right-wing group, Minutemen. They plan to fight in the streets of America with it.

- 3 -

g. AR-15. This gun undoubtedly is one of the most dangerous ever devised. It is standard issue in Vietnam. It is saiddthat there are no casualties shot with this gun. The readon is thhebullet, .223 caliber, a little larger than a 22 bullet, travels so fasttthat it explodes upon contact. A person shot in the arm with this gun will usually die of shock. Its deadliness cannot be emphasized enough, and thus its value as our main defensive weapon. With pro-per strategy, we have enough fire power with this gun to defeat any opposition excepting a major and fully equipped army. It is light to carry, rapid and accurate to fire, simple to use, and, unlike the 30.06 rifle, it hassvery little recoil. These guns are almost impossible to come by; we by good fortune have 50 of them, costing us $11,143.01. The individuallscarrying this gun will be hand-chosen and specially trained. They willlbe the Marines of the goup.AT.

These, then are our basic guns. We have a total of 182 purchased from Dick; they cost us $23,076.43 and they are paid for. The 22 magnums are also paid for, but as I said they were purchased retaill not from Dick. It may seem like a lot of guns, and it is, but the factors to weigh are the adequate security which they provide (anddI honestly don't feel that this security would have ; been sound with less guns), and the fact that we have a few guns of each type that can be used in an emergency for parts.

Now with guns you have to have ammunition, and thissis the next large expense. In evaluating these figures you muss keep in mind the following: that any kind of fire-fight with an enemy of size and skill requires tremendous amounts of ammunition. The US Marines estimate 10 wellaimed rounds per minute per rifle. In such a situation we might well be using 60 rifles. That is 600 rounds per minute; 6,000 rounds for ten minutes- brief skirmish- and 36,000 rounds per hour-pitched battle. Moreover, we have to consider that if times get bad enough to require us to use our guns, we may not be able to easilly (inserted: Purchase) more ammunition. What we have on hand may be it. And for how long?

Ammunition Purchased

a. 30.06. Used in 30.06 rifle. 41,000 rounds. $11,072.05

b. 12-guage shotgun shells, Buck #4,5,6, 7 1/2. 12-guage shotgun 2,500 rounds. $412.06

c. .38 Special. Used in 357 magnum pistol. 10,000 rounds. $1,449.80

d. 357 Magnum. Used in 357 magnum pistol. 26,050 rounds. $3,254.01

e. 22 magnum. Used in 22 magnum pistol. 35,000 rounds. $1,701.70

f. 22 long rifle. AR-1 22 automatic pistols and personally owned 22 rifles of which we have several.donated to OCC. 41,000 rounds. $828.96

g. .223. Used in AR-15's. 43,000 rounds. $9,241.10

Total ammunition purchased, 198,550 rounds costing $27,959.68.
This is also paid for.

(Some indecipherable hand writting below)

- 4 -

Ammunition Ordered

a. .223. for AR-15. 43,5000 rounds. $7743. (Scratched out and handwritten over: $8517.30). Waiting in Denver to be picked up. This and the following made specially for us by Remington.

b. .223. For AR-15. 14,000 rounds. $2,657. (Scatched out and handwritten over: $2,933,70) Nottyet delivered.

This ammunition, totalling 57,500 rounds is $10,410 (Scratched our and handwritten over: $11,451.00), has not yet been picked up by us or paid for. If it were any kind excepp that used by the AR-15's, I would say cancel it because of our financial situation. But since the AR-15 will be our most important defensive weapon-because it can use so much ammunition-I would strongly advise to go ahead and purchase it, if necessary from the land fund on the basis of group protection.

At a certain point and in consultation with Dickand other members of the cabinet, I decided that the purchase of live ammunition was not adequate for our purposes because the cost involveddrestricted our use. We have to learn how to fire and aim the gunss and this takes of minimum of 200 rounds per person per gun, the experts say. Thus we decided to begin loading our own ammunition to supplement and reuse that which we bought. The advantages are that it is cahaper;the disadvantages are that it is time consuming and a dangeroussprocess if extreme care is not utilized. The following, then, is a list of relading supplies and equipment which I feel will adequatell meet our needs:

Reloading, Supplies and Equipment Purchased

a. 30.06 brass (unloaded shells). 45,000 $1,360

b. .223 brass. 110,000. $3,310

c. large rifle primers. For reloading 30.06 shells. 103,000. $811.99

d. small rifle primers. For reloading .223 shales. 103,000. $811.99

e. 30.06 150 grain bullets. 4000. $18.58

f. .223 45 grain bullets. 800. $21.56

g. small pistol primers. for reloading shellssfor 357 magnum. 88,000. $617.62

h. dies. 3 pair (.223, 357 magnum, .38 Special)

i. 12-guage shotgun shell loader. 1. $92.04

j. 12-guage Lee Loaders. 12. $87.78

k. power piston shotshell wads. 40 bags. $97.24

l. 25 lb. bag shot. 4. $28.38

m. shotgun shell primers. 10,000. $127.27

n. 30.06 loader. 1. $47.30

- 5 -

o. shell holder. 3. $5.28

p. automatice prime feed. 1. $5.50

q. powder. 15 lbs. $45.57

r. shotgun powder. 4 8 lb. kegs. $92.88

s. case lubricant. 36. $19.00

t. case trimmer. 1. $10.63

u. pilot (.223) 1. $ .74

v. bullet puller. 1. $2.75

w. primer pocket cleaner. 15. $20.00

x. puller collar. 1. $2.45

These items, which are already purchased, total $7,078.70. Other reloading supplies are in Denver waiting to be picked up or on its way, hopefully, in the near future.

Reloading Supplies and Equipment in Denver

a. 20 lb. keg of rifle powder. 63. $3115.03

b. 1 lb. cans of pistol powder. 300. $1,138.50

c. .223 dies. 5 pair. $55.00

d. callats for bullets. 3. $7.16

e. 30.06 bullets to load. 40,600. $216.35

The total waiting in Denver, $6,501.55

Reloading Supplies and Equipment Ordered bytNottYet shipped

a. .223 bullets. 2000,000. $6,298.00

b. rifle primers for .223. 100,000. $790.90

c. 357 magnum bullets. 31,000. $1,016.18

This totals $8,099.08

The importance of the order waiting in Denver thus becoms obvious--without it, we eliminate the vast proportion of our reloading supplies. The .223 bullets, rifle powder, and dies, and primers, are especially important to our security as outlined above.

- 6 -

In addition to guns and ammunition and reloading supplies it is thought advisable by the Cabinet to be equipped with silent means of acquiring food or defending ourselves in the wilderness. Gunshots can be heard for miles in the mountains and silence may be desired at certain times. The following, then, were purchased with this aim in mind.

Silent Weapons and Assessories

a. bows. 4. $110.44

b. 29" hunting arrows. 24. $64.04

c. crossbows. 25. $666.36

d. crossbow arrows. 17 dozen. $168.30

e. crossbow strings. 11. $14.32

f. archer gloves. 12. $29.70

g. armguards. 12. $13.86

Total, $1,067.22, paid for.

Finally, certain gun assessories were purchaseddto provide for cleaning and carrying. A list of these, also paid for,, follows:

Gun Assessories

a. line-a-sight. 1(used for lining up gun sightt)s $29.30

b. rifle siings. 36. $132.66

c. gun cases. 36. $35.64

d. gun bolts. 4. $19.93

e. holsters. 37. $144.07

f. gun cleaning kits. 13. $39.32

g. patches. 34 boxes. $43.43

h. powder solvent. 18 bottles. $6.53

i. gun oil. 24 bottles. $5.77

This totals $456.65

- 7 -

The sum total, then, of all weapon-related purchases from Dick is $61,007.54. The sum total of items waiting to be picked up in Dnver id $14,244.55 (crossed out and handwritten over $15,018.85). The sum total of items yet to be shipped to Denver is $10,766.08 (crossed out and handwritten over $11,032.78). all of these figures, as well as those noted throughout this report, include 10% commission Dick charges over wholesale prices to us. They are as accurate as I can give you, but there may be an item or two that my records do not have listed. This may have occured because of the long periods of time whine I have not been in Colorado Springs and Ed has assumed my responsibility in theeordering, payment, and pickup of shipments from Dick. In making this report I have checked with both Dick and Ed to ensure its accuracy, but the possibility of a slight error may exist- not in guns orr ammunition, but in relaoding supplies. In any case the amount of money involved would be less than $100.

In evaluating these figures I know that the immediate reaction is one of amazement that so much has been spent. Yet againnI would refer you to the security considerations which I listed on page one of this report. I know the type of person against whom we may one day have to deal, and I honestly say that they will respond to nothing save the possibility of use of force.

I think that hte price tag on our protection issnot extravagant when compared to our purchases of food and clothing supplies, the other essential ingridients to our survival. I am concerned about our financial situation also, but feel that security is not the place to trim the budget. We critize the federal government for cutting its defense expenditures because it leaves the country open for attack. Let's not make the same mistake.

In order to complete your understanding of our security plans I would like to briefly outline the remaining BASIC STEPS TO OUR SECURITY.

2. Order the remaining items needed to complete o ur defense supplies. This includes a few very inexpensive items such as gun oil and powder solvent needed to ensure proper care of our guns.

3. Require the necessary military training manuals to give us insight in the proper use of our guns and to learn military stategy. Many of these we already have; a few others may be needed. I have begun a study of these and will soon be ready to proceed t o the next stage.

4. Initiate a training program for a few, select individuals in military skills. I will soon submit a report and recommendation on this program.

5. Broaden the training program to include eventually all able-bodied men (handwritten - "and women") on the staff and select members of the communntyyof the Holy Spirit.

6. Assignment of defense/security positions assrequired by internal and external conditions.

- 8 -

Finally, here is lthe list of items waiting in Denver to be picked up:


a. .223 live ammunition, 23,500 rounds. $7,743.00

b. 20lb keg of rifle powder. 63 kidgs. $2,631.65

c. 1 lb. cans of pistol powder. 200 cans. $1,035.00

d. .223 dies. 5 pair. $50.00

e. bullet callets. 5. $6.51

f. .30 caliber 180 grain bullets (for 30.06). 20,600 (?). $1,750.46

g. .48 caliber 146 grain bullets (for 357 magnum). (?) $196.68

total: $13,658.58. and Dick's 10% $1,365.60), TotalL 15,018.85

And the items yet to be delivered:


a. .223 live ammunition. 14,000 rounds. $2,667.00

b. .223 bullets to load. 200,000. $5,720.00

c. small rifle primers. 100,000. $719.00

d. .38 caliber 146 grain bullets (for 357 magnum). (Handwritten in - 31,000)$983.80

total: $10,029.80. Add Dick's 10% (1,002.98) total: $11,032.78

Personally, I feel that these items ough to bepurchased because (1) the.223 ammunition is key to our use of the AR-15's (ittwas made especially for us by Remington; (2) the reloading supplies ensure thattwe will have ammunition after it can no longer be purchased.

As a final note, you may be interested in knowingthat Remington is sold out of all of its supplies (crossed out and handwritten over "guns") for the year. This shows that there are many groups and individuals stocking up on guns and ammunition. Dick told me that he could not fill our orders if we had to starttover again at this point.



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