Cyclopea: the watcher who never sleeps

The Year of Obedience

or The Shelter Cycle of Church Universal and Triumphant and The Last Days of Montessori International

The following is commentary by Elizabeth Prophet regarding dictations delivered during the 1987 summer conference. It provides more information and clarification of here previously delivered messages. It is interesting for a number of reasons:

Ma's Comments after Alpha and Omega 1987 Freedom Conference

I would like to give each and every one of you an understanding of these dispensations from my heart. I wish to be certain occupying the Office of Teacher that you do understand the interpretation of what has been said to you.

So against the backdrop of the message of Gautama Buddha of Wesak, of the judgment of those who have denied God and not received this dispensation, of no dispensation forthcoming for the earth but only help to the lightbearers. Again, against the backdrop of Saint Germain's January 1, 1987 dictation where he calls for those who will take the vow that he might continue to serve. And his vow is to save the lightbearers, to destroy world communism.

Consistent then with the limitations of dispensations, we hear Alpha tell us that he is giving to us an offering of support of his mantle and his presence focused then in his crystal, or the jade, the lapis or the amethyst--himself, I should say, through the crystal, the recording of this conference through the three others.

He gives us then the charge that, if there is to be the saving of the world, we are entrusted and summoned to awaken America to deploy immediately our defenses, our strategic defense, all that is necessary, and to defeat world communism. This very process entails the defeating of rock, drugs, and the forces of dissolution in the economy and education. However, the first line of defense is to deploy the strategic defense and move for the overturning of world communism.

Looking in the mind of Alpha, I am seeing the intensity of the father and his expectation of his sons and daughters. His expectancy is that you have the razor's-edge awareness of just how threatening the darkness is on the planet and just how much there hangs in the balance whether or not we will deploy immediately. Therefore seeing the urgency, his expectation is that we give our hearts, our endeavors, our service one-pointedly to this cause, night and day accelerating our commitment, our sacrifice, and our ingenuity to bring the messages that we have heard here to the people.

He is showing me that none of us can go back to any lesser level, or even the level we came from where we thought our service was heroic. We must rise to new levels even in the sense of rising to the place where we can contain, by the bridge of the Great White Brotherhood and Elohim, the presence of the Cosmic Spirit of Freedom and the Spirit of Cosmic Justice.

Now, with the turning of the fourteen-month cycles, Serapis said that all Keepers of the Flame should attend three services a week even if there are only two or three gathered. Or, if they are totally alone in their communities, they hold these services themselves. This is the Wednesday night Jesus Watch, the Saturday night Saint Germain Service, and the Sunday Ritual with sermon and dictation. The sermons and teachings and dictations are available all over the world. And if you are not in a study group or a teaching center, you may affiliate with one to borrow these tapes or you may affiliate with others. If you cannot afford to purchase them weekly, you can purchase them jointly with other people and mail them around to various areas so that you all have access to them.

The embodying of the Word that is delivered is very important. It is important that Keepers of the Flame realize that they must be the light that is released and therefore these three services a week are essential to your moving forward with the planet.

I am chagrined when I travel to the cities and I find that all the Keepers of the Flame are there to greet me, but when I am not there they rarely come to services or to meetings. Now all of this is in the awareness of Alpha and Omega as they have spoken to us. And the expectancy is that we should admonish ourselves and correct ourselves in these areas and to have the sense of self worth of knowing that only through those of us in embodiment can this world be turned around.

That any KOF should doubt this or think that his presence is not needed at the altar is to me just as serious a problem as American leadership feeling that there is no need for strategic defense. We can all see the ludicrousness of our leaders not going for defense, but we have to apply that same awareness to ourselves. We must be at our altars and then we must be on the battlefield supporting those whose voices are being drowned because they don't have our calls and our protection and our moving with them.

So the dispensation is a fait d accompli because when God speaks, it is so. But that means it is so in the etheric octave. It is so here but it is not so until the illusion that it isn't so is dispelled and the reality is lowered into manifestation. So you must understand that the presence of God with us is an opportunity. The reality has been spoken but it is no guarantee that it shall take place. It is not a dispensation whereby something is set aside and it takes place. It is a dispensation that says, 'If you will do this, I will see then what I can do in 48 months.'

Now Alpha has given to me a great sense of the victory of this company in the last 24 hours and an understanding of his mission in coming. I can tell you that from my heart of hearts and my heart in God that there is absolutely no doubt in my being that you Keepers of the Flame and other lightbearers can accomplish this task in America of turning the nation around and quickening it, like in the twinkling of the eye of God, to rally to put up our defenses.

I have that absolute sense of the victory and I hold the immaculate concept of it in my heart. You know the law. You have the judgment calls. You know the decrees. You can meet. Just remember, you have to do it. You have to be the action. It is not in the hearing of it. It is in the doing of it. And sometimes that is where we fall short of the mark.

I know this is possible. I know it is a reality. As far as I am concerned, it already is. And I want you to have that absolute sense of it and have that sense of it in your being. Be as a coiled spring, a fire and an energy that moves into action and becomes perpetual motion, until you see it as a reality. You are also warriors of the spirit and you know just how deadly the serpents are and you know just what the calls must be for their binding and their judgment.

I want you to know that as your messenger and representing the Mother to you that I believe profoundly in each one of you. And I believe that in you God has decided to save the earth. God said this in 1976 in Washington DC at the July conference. It was a message conveyed to us in a dictation, very simple. "God has decided to save the earth." Now how he can save it depends on you. So, you see, God may save the earth through a horrific cataclysm so terrible as that which happened before the book of Genesis begins when there was darkness and void in the earth. There had been a horrendous cataclysm prior to Genesis. But God has decided to save the earth through you and I believe that Alpha's coming is coming based on this message of 1976: "God has decided to save the earth." So Alpha comes to save it through you.

You realize then that what Alpha can do is totally determined by you. On earth, we either give absolute freedom to the masters to serve through us or we limit them in increments as we decide that we have better things to do.

Now during my speaking with you, Alpha and Omega and these forces have withdrawn to the extent that you are welcome to stand and applause and give your praise to Alpha and Omega. [Long applause] Praise the Lord I AM THAT IAM Alpha and Omega! (3x)

Someone wrote, more than a decade ago I believe, a song about 'sometimes I feel like a motherless child.' And I was thinking today how wonderful it is to feel the love of our real father and mother and to feel what real love is from one's father and one's mother. I think there is nothing more assuring, comforting, and to give us a zeal of mission than to feel our father and mother behind us and with us and so profoundly understanding of our plight on planet earth.

So I wish to express my gratitude to Almighty God before this altar and the altar of your hearts for the coming of Alpha and Omega -- truly such a great, great dispensation to the earth, such a privilege and such an honor, and such a wonder at the meeting of heaven and earth.

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