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Following is a new section written by an ex I AM student, David. Revealing all the inconsistencies within the I AM literature is a daunting task. We therefore encourage anyone who has something significant to share, to get in touch with us via email. No matter how bizarre or inappropriate, please don't censor yourself. We are determined to keep this site growing and untainted by authoritarianism.

David has set out his analysis under general headings. He then lists quotes from the I AM books that firstly takes one stance, then he may make a comment in violet, then he follows with quotes that contradict the originals. David assures us he is trying to stay objective and even though he slips into cynic mode occasionally (which is understandable) he promises he will be more objective in the future.


exalted masters

The Ascended Master is the All-Knowing Mind and the All-Seeing Eye of God, for from him nothing can be hidden. [Saint Germain, Bk.1 pp.142]

As the Ascended Masters are the Acme of Perfection, they naturally would not do anything except that which is just, loving and wise. [Saint Germain, Bk.1 pp.143]

The Ascended Master is absolutely Infallible at all times; because He has passed out of the octave of vibratory action in which mistakes can occur, for He has become Wholly Divine. By the raising of His Body, all atomic structure has been changed into the Electronic. He sees with Limitless Vision, and knows all because He uses -only- the All-Knowing Mind of God.
[Saint Germain, Bk.2 pp.61]

One of the Ever-increasing Joys of the Ascended State is that, as We study any particular condition, it is always accompanied by illustrations of the exact activity We are to use; and there can never be any mistake, for the end is seen in the beginning.
[Saint Germain, Bk.2 pp.255-56]

Seems clear enough to me. The Masters are perfect and infallible while all-knowing even before a condition has begun let alone completed.

You know, sometimes you are not always obedient. Sometimes We are not - in this way: Saint Germain has asked that We refrain from commending Him. Chananda said last night to Saint Germain, "I am sorry to disappoint you, but I have got to do it." So you see, We too are sometimes disobedient; but We too call on the Law of Forgiveness and try to do better the next time! [God Meru Bk.6 pp.22]

What?! This is completely contradictory to all the quotes above. The law of forgiveness is for mistakes. Mistakes cannot exist in their realm so this statement is illogical. Moreover, this is a conscious deliberate act committed against the wishes of another. Finally, you will "try to do better the next time"? That is simply ridiculous talk from a mighty god being about his and other "perfected" beings' actions. Sounds to me that this is a poor attempt by the Ballards to explain some of the earlier contradictions in the discourses.

Beloved Lady Betty, if I am too fast, call for Help. I shall try to slow down.
[Victory, Bk.9 pp.378]

This is a pointless statement. It is a complete waste of energy on the part of everyone involved. An all-knowing being such as Victory would not only realize the speed was too great, but must have anticipated such a thing and adjusted accordingly the pace from the beginning. Also, he states that he is going to "try" and slow down…..hhmmm strange choice of words from a perfected being.

I am going to say something that sounds quite rude. You know you New Yorkers -- and I do not mean just you Students - but the New Yorkers and the Bostonians have felt that they were quite an authority in the World.
[Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.229-230]

Basically Ascended Master Bob is telling these people that they have big heads. And yes, it does sound quite rude! It actually sounds like a biased Chicagoan (Ballard) commenting on the people of a long time rival city.

And remember, the Messengers cannot tell you what you should do. We cannot tell you what you should do, except to point out the Law to you as they do; then you must call your "Presence" to stand guard and direct you.
[Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.197]

... but do not continue to eat, Dear Hearts, until you feel uncomfortable. Just stop a little before that. You know, I have recently been thinking that I shall have to take this Good Brother in hand, too. [Saint Germain Bk.6 pp.37]

The above quote and the countless others similar to it (directly telling us what to do) are in direct conflict with Ascended Master Bob's comments.

Now I am going to tell you something. I of course did not ask Her Permission, because I thought She might object, but it is this: You remember since the glorious…etc.
[Victory (referring to the Goddess of Light), Bk.9 pp.281]

Sounds to me like something a child would do. Knowing good and well what the answer to the question of permission would be but performing the action anyway is clearly wrong behavior. This is rebellious, selfish and completely lacking wisdom and compassion.


exalted messengers

The Messengers have what they have today, by the most dynamic Application ever made by human beings on the face of this Earth (applause). [Victory, Bk.9 pp.139]

Think of it, the desires of twenty years of these Messengers have been fulfilled! Because they have served mankind so earnestly, so willingly, so obediently; they have opened the Door-way to the Instantaneous Answer to their Calls.
[Great Divine Director, Bk.8 pp.340]

…this Messenger standing before you has an understanding so far beyond any person in America today, that if He were to release it, I tell you it would sweep the egotism of mankind from the face of this Earth. (Applause-audience rising.)
[Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.124]

Two days and two nights later, we emerged from the "Eternal Flame", wearing our New Bodies of Immortal Endurance. The inharmony of Earth can never register within These permanently. [Saint Germain, Bk.2 pp.396]

...the achievement since the Messengers arrived in Chicago has been the most stupendous thing ever on this earth! Do not think this sounds sacrilegious; but it is so much greater as the Beloved Ascended Master Jesus has said that at any one point of His Activity that He stands many times in absolute quiet pouring forth His Radiance to the Earth and to Saint Germain for this gigantic Achievement.
[Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.]

The dictations are choked full to overflowing with comments like these. Seems to me to be a rare thing to receive a dictation that didn't shower unlimited praise on these two. The hypnotized audience even rose for a standing ovation for the "ego-ending" abilities of the messengers!

I ask you to watch, Beloved Ones, in the coming years and see how many people will change their hair back to its original color, and all lines will disappear from the face ...
[Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.36]

The messengers can have instantaneous answers to their calls and many times talked of restoring their physical youth but won't even go so far as to change their hair from the old age gray that it was.

The proof stands before you, and I am going to give the Messenger a Surprise tonight. He wondered why the change took place in the mode of His receiving These Dictations on his return from Honolulu. That was because the last vestige of his own human accumulation, had been consumed.
[Great Divine Director, Bk.8 pp.136 August 11th, 1937]

Every individual can do This, who will! It is how Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, the Messengers, have been enabled to carry This Activity forward; because they move within That Tube of Light. Twice a day, they use the Violet Consuming Flame to keep every discordant thing dissolved, which had ever been accumulated thru their activities and embodiments. [Great Divine Director, Bk.8 pp.173 September 18th, 1937]

Less than a month later Ballard still uses the violet consuming flame after all his past had been consumed? Remember, supposedly inharmony can never register within them and all his past accumulation has been consumed.



Now that was not a physical body, but it was tangible and visible to this Good Messenger and the others who were present there, which were seven or eight people; and I was as vividly conscious of all that were present and all that was going on, as you are here. …when I awakened in the morning, vividly in my consciousness was every detail of that experience at the Cave of Symbols. [Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.3]

For someone so "vividly conscious" of "every detail" you would think he would be a bit clearer on the number of people present. Was it seven or eight? Could it have been six? Maybe nine?

... She has made this request in order to allow this to come forward more quickly. If it is granted, or shall I say - of course In Our World there is no such thing as "if" -- but when this is granted ... [Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.176]

If in your world there is no such thing as "if" then why did you say "If it is granted"?

Do you know -- of course you don't -- the Messenger had a letter today. You see I am reading his letters -- and this individual said ... [Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.89]

Remember that this is an all-knowing wise master wasting energy and time with useless comments like - "Do you know-of course you don't".

Therefore, My Victory which I have told you is of Hundreds of Thousands of Years of Activity, Hundreds of Thousands of Centuries -- is a momentum which no unascended being has attained. [Victory, Bk.9 pp.459]

In all of the dictations in this book prior to this one Victory says "Hundreds of Thousands of centuries" when he stated it above he was off by a factor of 100 until he quickly corrected it.



I tell you Beloved Children of the Earth -- all mankind in America! those who criticize or condemn these Beloved Messengers, should bow their faces in shame forever!
[Great Divine Director, Bk.8 pp.171]

This is love? This is compassion? No it is FEAR. Plain and simple. It is just one of the many times the "great" beings threaten anyone who might use their rational nature.

Don't make any mistake! I am no dis-embodied spirit speaking! "I AM" a Cosmic Being, Who knows no limitation! I wield Power which with a Wave of My Hand could lift this building and cause it to float in the air!
[Great Divine Director, Bk.8 pp.171]

What a ridiculously pointless comment -- Unless of course you are trying to instill fear & awe in your audience. Wise? Doubtful.

Some of these people who have tried to claim and prove discrepancies in those marvelous Books will one day cry out for Mercy. Mark what I tell you! We bide Our time, but mark what I tell you! We spread it to the World: No person, place, or thing shall ever harm or destroy this Work. [Saint Germain Bk.6 pp.57-58]

More fear. If nothing can harm the work then why all the constant fuss?

Remember! Allow no one to come into your mist, individually or collectively, who breathes a word of discord or condemnation of this Work. If you do, you will close the Door. [Saint Germain Bk.6 pp.49]

Here comes the fear monger again. Coupled with the implication of evil for one who condemns this work this thinly veiled blocking out of any outside sanity is pathetic. This is most certainly the technique of a cult. Allow no outside influence on this instruction. You are to shut out any other thinking except that which we they you is acceptable.

...great good has been accomplished through Christian Science; but I tell you frankly, every source -- whether it is Unity, Christian Science, or whatever it is -- that attempts to bring disgrace upon this Work or condemns or criticizes It, will fail utterly and their churches will be empty! [Saint Germain Bk.6 pp.55]

Hey how about making a dispensation to help these "unfortunate" ones who do not understand the mighty power of the light. Nay, on second thought punish them.


…out of the million "I AM" Students -- I have not the definite figures before Me, but I should say at least six hundred thousand are making absolutely steady, definite progress… [Victory, Bk.9 pp.287]

All knowing but still requiring the data in hand? Better to guess at it than know before your discussion that you were going to bring this up and gather the data first.

When I look upon the action of mankind, I cannot conceive how it is possible for mankind to be so limited! I have not known what such a thing was in thousands of centuries, and of course, I now have the Full Divine Memory and have had for a long period! [Victory, Bk.9 pp.72]

You "cannot conceive" mankind's limited situation? What? You have got to be kidding…right? Then to follow it with a boasting-skill-restoring comment such as "I now have full divine memory…" is pure nonsense from a perfect being.

You have a little more than three hundred seventy-four thousand members I believe now. I have not checked it up Myself, but Beloved Saint Germain has the record, and when the Messengers return to the Shrine Class in July, there will be more than two hundred thousand added to that number. I shall not say how many more.
[Great Divine Director, Bk.8 pp.233]

Here once again you are talking about numbers you not only should know but you bring up something that you're not exactly sure of and then end it with a little of that all important "mystery".

Now has come the Great Astrea! I question the Wisdom, tonight, of stating to you, the number of discarnates who have been taken out of the Earth's atmosphere in the past eight months; for we have a record of every one ... I shall think it over and perhaps, give you in definite figures, the number which have been removed from the Earth in the past eight months. [Great Divine Director, Bk.8 pp.220]

Here we go again, an infallible all-knowing being questioning out loud the "wisdom" of telling us something. Also again letting you know that Santa, I mean the Masters are keeping a list.



... no one can fail if he has understood refusing acceptance of discordant appearances and conditions, ... All must have Perfect Health. It is the Law of your being, Precious Ones, no matter what the conditions are, what the X ray shows in anyone's body.
[Saint Germain Bk.6 pp.48]

That's a scary thought. Ignore one of our incredible tools for diagnosis because we all must have perfect health. There's that infinite wisdom in action again.

A tremendous Power of the Light is being brought forth in New York City that will cause the dissolving of the Stock Exchange. I feel that that must be done to release mankind from the tragedy which has come through it. The black magician, you will remember, who established that has been removed from the Earth. Therefore, the feeder of that is gone; only the momentum remains. [Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.185]

Well it has been around 70 years since the alleged source the big bad black magicians have been removed and well….We still have the stock exchange. Must have been some momentum.

... as He calls your attention to these certain activities, with one swat -- excuse Me if I use that expression -- you will have the thing done, through the momentum you have gained.
[Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.177]

Powerful rays of loving limitless light summed up in a "swat".

I have been quite tempted sometimes when individuals feel a little down, to give them a good sound slap on the back; but I know that it might frighten them, rather than give the assistance I am endeavoring to give. One time many, many years ago when this Good Messenger was still eating meat and He had gone to a restaurant and had a nice juicy steak ...
[Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.91-92]

First of all, you would have to appear in order to slap someone's back so no fear of that happening. Secondly, what in the world would make you want to slap anyone's back in the first place? Finally, by the way you described that steak ("nice juicy") it certainly sounds like you still miss it.

Beloved Ones, I know this is a very delicate point to touch upon, but I am going to say it whether it is or not. …when there is one human being who thinks he or she can dominate another and make a mop rag out of that one, I tell you it is too much; but that condition exists in many parts of the World, and in thousands of homes. I want to tell you if that individual -- whether feminine or masculine -- would stand up and say to that force: "You have had your day. Now shut up!" and mean it and feel the Power of the "Presence", that destructive thing that has browbeaten and beaten down blessed, timid, humble individuals, would do it no more.
[Ascended Master Bob, Bk.12 pp.83]

This entire quote just sounds ridiculous coming from an ascended Master. Do you not think sending a flame or ray of love would be wiser than incurring possible if not unavoidable aggressive feelings after using the words "Shut Up"?

Remember always: The human mind will revert back to imperfection unless you keep a death-like grip upon it until it makes full union with the Golden Flame.
[Saint Germain, Bk.4 pp.233]

Oh now that sounds just lovely. A perfected loving being of light using a suffocating death metaphor.

When misguided members of mankind discover a more than ordinarily destructive agent, the chemist making such experiments always loses his body; when his diabolical work reaches a certain point… [Saint Germain, Bk.2 pp.334]

Dr. Albert Hofmann invented LSD in 1941. Over 60 years later Dr. Albert Hofmann, at 92 years of age is very much alive and doing well. This is just one example of many that prove this quote as being complete hogwash.

Curiosity on the part of a student is inexcusable in spiritual training, and must be completely eliminated from the consciousness; before certain understanding, power, and experiences are permitted to be given him along the path to Mastery. Unless it is completely consumed within the personality, it is a wide open door through which the sinister force can act at any moment, and cut off the further progress of the advancing student. [Saint Germain, Bk.2 pp.323]

After reading the above quote keep it in mind when you read just about any dictation. Nearly every one has a "secret" that we are given partial details of and told we cannot learn of it any further. If this doesn't cause curiosity then I must not know the meaning of the word.

The Sun is not as hot as scientists think. It is as cool and a thousand times more refreshing than the gentle zephyrs of the most delightful summer evening. It is only as the Sun's Currents of Energy pass through the Ether Belt of the Earth that they become heat. [Saint Germain, Bk.2 pp.312]

What a statement! The ether belt is about as sound and popular as the flat earth theory these days. There is overwhelming evidence about the suns temperature. The sun being "cool and refreshing" is just too ludicrous to continue an intelligent response.

Is it not comical, that after all the Magnificent Work the Messengers have done, the Wonderful Light they have brought to mankind, there are still a few who cannot help but gossip? Isn't it comical? It is not serious, not at all; But it shows you what you should avoid. [Great Divine Director, Bk.8 pp.218]

Does this not sound like a thoroughly frustrated person vainly attempting to act like the gossip is not bothersome? Is it comical? No. No. I answered twice because a supposed non-serious question was asked twice.


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